PhD Students

  • Olivier Graffeuille - Machine Learning for Extreme Event Detection (since 08/01/2020, with Yun Sing Koh)
  • Annie Lu - Machine Learning in Longitudinal Studies for "Growing Up in New Zealand" (since 05/01/2020, with Yun Sing Koh)
  • Luke Xinglong Chang - Adversarial Learning (since 10/01/2019, with Gill Dobbie)
  • Katharina Dost - Defining Reliable Machine Learning using Adversarial Learning (since 07/01/2019, with Pat Riddle)
  • Jonathan Kim - Towards Robust Semantic Scene Understanding through Joint Optimisation of Visual SLAM and Deep Convolutional Neural Networks (since 02/01/2019, with Pat Riddle)
  • Nooriyan Poonawala-Lohani - Predictive Analytics for Early Warning of Influenza-like Illness (since 02/01/2019, with Pat Riddle, Claire Newbern, Mehnaz Adnan)

MSc Students

  • Andrew Chester - Detecting Bias in Machine Learning Algorithms: End to End De-identification Framework for Clinical Text (since 03/02/2020, with Yun Sing Koh)
  • Katharina Dost - Boolean Matrix Decomposition for Giant Matrices (03/01/2016-09/01/2016, with Stefan Kramer)
  • Steffen Albrecht - Data Mining for The Cancer Genome Atlas (01/01/2016-07/01/2016, with Stefan Kramer)
  • Christian Sußenberger - Predicting Toxicity of Biodegradation Products Using REST (05/01/2014-11/01/2014, with Stefan Kramer)
  • Christoph Brosdau - Service Oriented Data Mining for Biological Data (01/01/2008-07/01/2008, with Stefan Kramer and Lothar Richter)
  • Daniela Bieley - Integration of String Mining in an Inductive Database (01/01/2008-07/01/2008, with Stefan Kramer and Lothar Richter)

Honours Projects

  • Milan Law - Data Analysis of COVID-19 Data Sets (since 03/02/2020, with Katerina Taskova, Gill Dobbie, and Thomas Lumley)
  • Kitty Li - Mining the RDF Graph to Improve the Performance of Classifiers (03/01/2019-10/22/2019, with Pat Riddle)

Summer Scholarships

  • Chloe Haigh - Privacy Defense (12/01/2019-02/29/2020)
  • Matthew Mulvey - Machine Learning in the Analysis of Mass Spectrometry Data (12/01/2019-02/01/2020, with Katerina Taskova)
  • Cathy Hua - Advanced Methods for Boolean Matrix Decomposition (12/01/2018-02/28/2019, with Bernhard Pfahringer)
  • Hasnain Cheena - The Smell of Fear (12/01/2018-02/28/2019)
  • Rayner Rebello - Advanced Methods for Boolean Matrix Decomposition (12/01/2018-02/28/2019, with Bernhard Pfahringer)

Master of Professional Studies in Data Science

  • Bruno Naveen Joswa - Identififying and Analysing Bat Calls (since 07/27/2020, with Yun Sing Koh)
  • Mary Grace De la Pena - Machine Learning-based Prediction of Biodegradation Persistence (since 07/27/2020, with Katerina Taskova)
  • Josh Bensemann - Change Mining in the Smell of Fear Data Set (07/22/2019-07/01/2020, with David Huang)
  • Owen Meyer - Analysis of the CARIBIC Data Set (07/22/2019-07/06/2020, with David Huang)
  • Charles Tremlett - Generating Chemical Structures and Improving Models using Reinforcement Learning (02/04/2019-10/22/2019, with Pat Riddle)
  • Catherine Liu - Dynamic Pricing (07/01/2018-06/10/2019)
  • Loukas Lyden - Modelling User Behaviour in Online Shopping (07/01/2018-06/10/2019)
  • Masoumeh Shariat - Analysis of Petrol related VOCs in the CARIBIC Data Set (07/01/2018-06/10/2019, with David Huang)
  • Samantha Cen - Identifying Contrails in the CARIBIC Data Set (07/01/2018-06/10/2019)
  • Ziqing Yan - A New Field of Data Mining: Classification of Movies based on VOCs (03/01/2018-06/30/2018)

380 Projects

  • Hasnain Cheena - Machine Learning Approaches for Mass Spectrometry Data Analysis (since 07/27/2020, with Katerina Taskova)
  • Cathy Hua - Machine Learning Analysis of Student Feedback (03/02/2020-06/14/2020)
  • Chloe Haigh - Biodegradation Half-Life Prediction (03/02/2020-06/30/2020, with Katerina Taskova)
  • Aryan Lobie - Weather Prediction using Deep Neural Networks (07/22/2019-10/29/2019, with Pat Riddle)
  • Sichun (Victor) Yin - Advanced Boolean Matrix Decomposition (03/01/2018-06/30/2018)
  • Tom Fevriér - Identifing Markers for Human Emotion in Breath Using Convolutional Autoencoders on Movie Data (03/01/2018-06/30/2019, with Pat Riddle)