Jörg Simon Wicker

Senior Lecturer | School of Computer Science | The University of Auckland
Senior Lecturer | School of Computer Science | The University of Auckland

I am senior lecturer at the School of Computer Science of the University of Auckland, CTO of enviPath, and lead the Machine Learning Group at UoA. My main research area is machine learning and its application to bioinformatics, cheminformatics, and computational sustainability. Before joining the University of Auckland in 2017, I did a PostDoc at University of Mainz, Germany, and a PhD at Technical University of Munich, Germany. I am always interested in interesting new research areas both for applied and non-applied machine learning, currently, I am particularly interest in reliability of machine learning algorithms, adversarial machine learning, and bias, with applications in chemistry, epidemiology, and environmental research. For more information about my current research, please check my lab webpage.

I am currently looking for new PhD, Honours, or Masters students. I typically accept two new PhD students per year. If you are interested, check my research areas, projects, and opportunities and contact me by mail with your CV attached. Also check our lab page  for funding information.

We won the Ig Nobel Prize!

Together with Nicolas Krauter, Bettina Derstroff, Christof Stönner, Efstratios Bourtsoukidis, Achim Edtbauer, Jochen Wulf, Thomas Klüpfel, Stefan Kramer, and Jonathan […]